The 7th Asian Administrators Meeting on HIV/AIDS


The 7th Asian Administrators Meeting on HIV/AIDSThe hot weather in Bangkok welcomed the 20 participants from the Asia-Pacific region at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on November 19, 2013 for the 7th Asian Administrators Meeting on HIV/AIDS.   The meeting was held in conjunction with the 11th ICAAP (International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific).

Extensive discussions were held for 1 day where government administrators and civil society came together to share their experiences.  The meeting proved especially effecitve in showing each other the shortcomings and areas for need of improvement.
Each participant left the meeting with a strong will to take back the experiences learned from the meeting to implement into the policies back in each of their respective countries.

The following meeting will be held in Dhaka Bangladesh in 2015, which is also when the 12th ICAAP is going to be held.  I hope to see the participants once again in Dhaka.

(Tokyo, EJ)

AARS 2013
– 2013 9th International Symposium on Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases –


There were lots of enjoyable events and big smiles during the meeting!
We welcomed a Nobel Prize laureate, Prof. Thomas A. Steitz, as one of the lecturers and spent a pleasurable time at Hakone from October 6 to 11.

Since most of the participants were closed friends, they looked very happy to have a reunion and attend many social events: Welcome Party, Banquet, Dance Party, Excursions, and BBQ Farewell Party.  I was especially moved by their dance communication at the party.  Needless to say, the background music played by the organizer’s band was awesome!

I hope they will get reacquainted with each other at the next meeting in 2014 in Athens-Greece!

(Tokyo, RM)

The 6th ASEAN-Japan Information Security Policy Meeting


The warm weather in Manila was a welcome break from the
coolness that has recently arrived in Tokyo.

About 40 participants from 10 ASEAN member countries gathered
at the Heritage Hotel Manila on October 8th and 9th for the 6th
ASEAN Japan Information Security Policy Meeting. H.E Mario G.
Montejo, the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology
graced us with his presence at the opening of the meeting.

Extensive discussions were held over 1.5 days where country policies
concerning cyber security were presented and discussed. This meeting
has reached it sixth time and looks to futher promote cyber security in
the region. The following meeting is planned to be held in Tokyo
next year hosted by the Japanese government which we hope we
can assist once again.

(Tokyo D.K.)

IFAC-AAC2013 自動車制御の国際シンポ



IFAC-AAC2013(7th IFAC International Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control)が9月4日(水)~7日(土)の4日間、国立オリンピック記念青少年総合センターにて行われました。









(東京 MO)



The Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) was successfully held from June 1-3, 2013 at Pacifico Yokohama. With over 39 visiting head of states from 51 African nations and various international organizations the conference received wide attention from the media. We had the chance to run the International Media Center that was held in Exhibition Hall A alongside various other African related side events in conjunction with the conference. Over 200 press, both international and domestic, utilized the International Media Center and our staff was busy through the three whole days answering a variety of questions.

Tokyo, E.A.

The Booming City of Singapore


I had the chance to go to Singapore on a business trip to promote Medical Tourism for the Northern Island of Hokkaido. At the same time however I had some time during my trip to view the Marina Bay Sands resort hotel completed several years ago. My last trip to this Southern Island was more than 4 years ago and I was surprised at how drastically the city skyline had changed. The Marina area had become a glistening jewel in this Southern oasis. I also had the chance to take a tour of the hotel and was pleasantly surprised. The way the Marina Bay Sands area is created insures you can stay within the premises and hold a convention, all connected by passageways underground. After the meeting you can enjoy shopping and also gambling, if you are up to the challenge, with the adjacent facilities. With this new attraction many conventions are sure to be attracted to this exciting city and many business opportunities are sure to arise.

Tokyo, E.G.


11月24日(土)~ 26日(月)の3日間、慶應義塾大学・日吉キャンパス(横浜)にて、「第26回日本エイズ学会学術集会・総会」が開催されました。
(東京 RM)



知事招宴では、昨年9月に台風による水害で大きな被害を受けた十津川村より国の重要無形民族文化財にもしていされている「十津川の大踊り」を披露していただき、 村の復興を打ち出していただきました。
(大阪 NK)

CORESTA Congress 2012 in Sapporo


CORESTA Congress2012が9月28日すべての日程を終え、札幌の地で無事に成功裏に終了しました。




CORESTA Congress 2012 in Sapporo has finished with a great success after 1 and half years preparation time.

Being over 80 per cent of participants are from overseas, we have put extra importance on how we would welcome them, and how we would entertain them.  We hope all the participants have experienced the atmosphere of Sapporo and Japanese hospitality.

Accompanying persons’ programmes (tours and cultural programmes) also gave those who accompanied the participants the opportunity to enjoy the touch of Japanese cultures, Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony and Kimono wearing.  Madams in Kimono were very pretty and their smiles made us also very happy.

Tokyo, M.K.

IBC 2012 (XXIth International Biometric Society)


IBC 2012が6日間の日程で神戸で開催されました。


神戸花鳥園で開催されたConference Dinnerでは、いつもの懇親会とは一味違い、色とりどりの花に囲まれた空間で、舞妓さんのお出迎えに始まり、餅つき、主催者による生演奏と、最後には参加者も踊り出すほど大変盛り上がりました。
受付にTake Freeで設置した折り紙アートが大変好評で、些細な事ですが日本らしさを伝えられた事を嬉しく思います。


(大阪 NK)

KME2012 in Seoul~coexとの共同プロモーションを実施~


7月3日~5日に韓国ソウルで開催された「KOREA MICE EXPO 2012」に参加しました。


“City within a city”と表現されるcoex。

現在、株式会社COEXでは100名くらいのスタッフがさまざまな部署で働いていますが、今回のKMEでは主にConvention Venue Marketingのチームスタッフと一緒にプロモーションを行いました。又、施設運営やコンベンションをめぐる状況について、coexのスタッフの皆さんといろいろと情報交換でき、大きな収穫になりました。


(大分 NI)

Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan held on July 8.


On July 8th at the Tokyo Prince Park Tower the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan was held under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
Over 1000 participants from 82 countries and organizations gathered together in Japan to reconfirm the economic assistance and support to the Afghanistan region and government.
As a staff of the Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan it was a long month of preperation before the opening of the event.

At last, security was very tight and set at a high level on-site, as in attendance was UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai , US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and many more distinguished guests.
However there were no significant problems on-site and the event ended very smoothly.

(Tokyo, E.G.)

Getting ready to welcome in Yokohama! – WFOT 2014


2014年6月18日~21日の横浜開催へ向けて準備を進めている「第16回世界作業療法士連盟大会(WFOT 2014)」への参加促進のため、スゥエーデン・ストックホルム市の関連大会 へ行ってきました。

今回、呼びかけをするのは5/24-27のCOTEC 2012に参加するヨーロッパを中心とする46カ国、955名の作業療法士の方。会場内に設置された世界作業療法士連盟(WFOT)本部の展示ブースを中心に、大会テーマの紹介や今年12月に開始予定の演題および参加登録のご案内とともに、開催地となる日本と横浜の魅力を折り紙や浴衣の着付デモをプラスしアピールを行いました。

展示ブースでのPR活動に加え、期間中に開催されたノーベル賞晩餐会会場であるストックホルム市庁舎での歓迎レセプションや屋外博物館内でのコングレスディナーなどのソーシャルイベントへの参加を通じ、多くの方々と直接の交流がはかれ、最終日にすれ違う方々とは「See you in Yokohama!」が合言葉のようになり、2年先の横浜での再会が 今から心待ちです。

Very much looking forward to see you all in Yokohama in 2014!!

(東京 KS)

Sea Transport Seminar between Japan and Indonesia


Indonesia welcomed us with hot humid weather!

About 100 participants from various fields of the maritime industry gathered at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel on February 29.  We were graced with the presence of Deputy Minister of Transportation, Dr. Bambang Susantono, where extensive discussions were held between Japan and Indonesia.

Furthermore, on the next day, official site visits were planed at several developing port areas: Cilamaya, Karawang International Industrial City, and Pelabuhan Tanjung Prilk.  Getting there was an adventure in its own because of bumpy roads making it a roller coaster ride.  Combined with rain in the morning, we all got muddy shoes at the muggy harbors.

However, we believe that further road maintenance and port construction will lead to further improvements in the Jakarta region by undertaking this opportunity.

(Tokyo, RM)

We have joined IAPCO!!!


IAPCO(International Association of Professional Congress Organiser), the illustrious PCO organization based in England has welcomed us a new member.  After a very rigorous examination process including an on-site visit of a major international Congress held last year, we received the good news at the end of the year. Utilizing the vast network that IAPCO provides we look to become the bridge between Europe and Asia, further bringing business and ideas across many borders.  The key to international success is the connections you establish in the industry and our hopes that IAPCO will help contribute to our expansion.  Talking about expansions we also look to expand into China with Linkage Shanghai.  Here we come Asia and the world stage!

(Tokyo EG)

IASGO 2011 in Tokyo


iasgo2011IASGO 2011 in Tokyo was held from November 9 to 12, 2011.
We welcomed to Japan more than 900 participants from 59 countries from around the world.

The theme for the Congress was “What’s New in Tokyo 2011”, and there were various sessions featuring the latest topics on categories in surgery, gastroenterology and oncology.  Attendees had very fruitful discussions through the course of the Congress, and in particular, asked senior specialists at the session “Meet the Professors” on the most updated information.

They enjoyed various events such as Hanagasa Dance, the Sword Master KAMUI, GAMARJOBAT, and Kyogen.  Foreign participants, especially, had fun dancing and playing samurai on the stage.  We also received many heartwarming messages that they were very impressed by our Japanese hospitality.

(Tokyo, RM)



Worldsleep2011(The 6th World Congress of the World Sleep Federation)が6日間の日程で、京都にて開催されました。





(大阪 AN)








(東京 YS)








(東京 DS)

IAPCO The Meetings Masterclass


The IAPCO (International Association of Professional Congress Organisers) The Meeting Masterclass was held at the Wolfsberg Platform for Executive and Business Development Centre in Ermatingen, Switzerland, about an hour outside of Zurich.

Over the course of 2.5 days, 31 representatives from 5 different fields (PCO’s, Convention Bureaus, Conference Centers, International Organizations, and Pharmaceutical Companies) joined together to discuss issues on a variety of topics.


This was the first time this event was held in conjunction with the IAPCO Annual Wolfsberg Seminar. It looked to bring together experts from different fields who rarely have the chance to interact, and exchange frank opinions to better improve the PCO business.

The discussions held at the course of each day proved to be very invigorating and insightful and allowed me to take back valuable information on the pharmaceutical companies perspective which I hope to utilize in future events.


The food was absolutely delicious as well, gained a few pounds as a result.
Which I am laboring to take off before my belt gets too tight.

(Tokyo EG)